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This is a 5-session beginner’s coding course to learn Python, which will take place over 3 days.
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What is Python?

Python is a programming language commonly used as an introduction to coding. Even though it is known to be relatively easy to pick up (there’s less sophisticated syntax), it is still popularly used by many large tech companies. By learning python, you will be able to quickly step into the mind of a programmer, and to translate ideas into results.

Why should doctors learn to code?

  1. It’s fun
    Coding is a fun way to express yourself creatively – through figuring out ways to tackle complex problems in the most efficient way.
  2. It’s good to be tech-savvy
    In a world full of new healthcare innovations, doctors must be able to adapt to the latest updates in technology. By learning a programming language, you have a unique opportunity to learn how a programmer thinks – which will allow you to easily understand the programmer’s intentions and maximize the program’s potential.
  3. It’ll provide many job opportunities
    If you’re considering an alternative career within the MedTech field, knowing a programming language is a must in order to be able to work in a multidisciplinary field. Read more here.




Upcoming courses:

Feb 2019: University of East Anglia, Norwich
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Course content:

Basic terminology and arithmetics
We will introduce the UI of our coding program, as well as Python’s basic variables, types and operators.

We will introduce the idea of looping and conditional statements.

Array and indexing
We will run through how to use an array and how to make use of it in preparation for building our final product.

We will introduce the idea of multifunction programming and how it will streamline the readability of code.

Final product
Using all the skills we learned, we will apply our skills to develop a graphical user interface and the final product.


Translate ideas into results

Previous courses:

October 2018: University of East Anglia, Norwich
– Applications have closed

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November 2018: School of Clinical Medicine,
University of Cambridge
– Applications have closed

Course is run in association with Cambridge University MedTech and Cambridge EdMedSoc.

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